Welcome To GateWay

Whether you have never been to church before, are returning to church after being away or just moved into town, we thank you for checking out our website and taking a look at GateWay Church. We invite you to join us at any of our services.

At GateWay, we are committed to “empowering Christ-followers to engage a ready world with the hope and joy of Christ.” The leadership of our multi-generational, multi-ethnic church community is constantly striving for a DNA and culture that is unapologetically biblical and enthusiastically welcoming so we can strategically grow as a church family, while meeting the needs of each other and the community around us. We believe that our church needs to be a shining light that turns the heads of thousands because the power of God is real and relevant.


Sunday - 8:45 am

Worship Band - Small Auditorium

Choir & Orchestra - Main Auditorium

Sunday - 10:30 am

Worship Band - Main Auditorium

Thursday - 6:45 pm

Worship Band - Small Auditorium