Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Hey Parents! Here at GateWay we love kids! Our goal is to share God's love with each child at GateWay and help them to build a personal relationship with our Savior. 

Weekly Childcare

Several of our groups and ministry meetings provide childcare during their meeting times.  Please fill out the childcare request weekly and 24 hours before your childcare event begins - so we can appropriately plan for childcare workers.  
For more information, give us a call at
(559) 732-4787.

Abide Check in | 10:30 Service

Our Abide program is a program specifically meant for children with special needs for 3rd-6th grade.
Agape. Serving with the loving kindness of God.
Beautifully created in God's image
Individually gifted with unique talent
Disciple with the word of God
Eternal because we are seen as whole in God's eyes

Family Fun

We're excited to open our new elementary building!! To learn more about what kid's services look like at GateWay, click the button below. 
Want to volunteer? We are looking for volunteers for Awana, Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings! Fill out the form at the button below if you're interested in helping us out.
Child dedication is a commitment you make before God, as parents, to give thanks to God and raise your children according to God’s purpose. As a church we are committed to helping you build up your child in faith. To register for our next dedication class, click the link below.
We’re so excited to have our Kids' Choir meeting again! Rehearsals are on Sundays (February 5 - May 7) and will take place between services from 9:45am to 10:30am in the Gym.