GateWay Staff want to bring you stories of how God is moving in our lives and in our community.
Daniel Lamb | Missionary in Bangkok
Wayne & Crystal McMaster | Penh Plan, Cambodia
Amber Botello | Abide Leader
Andrew Johnson | High School Graduate
Brian Ross | Prof. Fresno Pacific University
Chris Kirish | Church Planter
Debbie Winsett | Holy Land Tours
DJ Criner | Pastor | Part 2
Heather Beck | Tulare Teacher
Jason Backlund | Kaweah Delta Chaplain
JD Pearring | Excel Leadership Network
Katherine McMahon | Nurse
Kelsey Luis | Worship Leader
Lindsie Clevenger | Youth Volunteer
Mark Vanciel | CEO Living Water World Missions
Naida, Kenan, Marshall |  Young Professionals
Robert Lee | Property Manager
Ross Eskridge | Visalia Teacher
Scott Bosler | GateWay Counseling
Steve Hopper | GateWay Venture
Amy Sebert | Ed Specialist
Art Arreola | Tulare County Division Manager
Carly Tadlock | GateWay MOPS
Curtis Bronzan | Pastor
DJ Criner | Pastor | Part 1
Helen Rios | Family Nurse Practitioner
Jason Salazar | Visalia Police Chief
John Rios | Small Group Leader
Keith Hopper | GateWay Deacon Board
Maddy Adams | Youth & Creative Arts Assistant
Lindsay Reid | Volunteer
Melissa Moore | Author
Parenting during a Pandemic
Rosanna Childress | Children’s Ministry
Sandi & Richard Ashford
Spencer & Kathleen Carr | Teachers
Tom Fox | Visalia Teacher
Visalia Rescue Mission