connect small groups

One of the best ways to experience community and find purpose is through groups,
where you’ll find the people who will encourage you, pray for you, and help you know God better. Life is better connected.

We want to help you find people you enjoy spending time with who will encourage you to grow in your faith. At Gateway we believe that you can’t become the best version of yourself, by yourself, and that’s where Connect Small Groups come in. What we’ve seen is that those who are willing to be intentional in finding spiritual community have gained life-long friendships and have grown substantially in their faith.

In a small group, you can connect with 8-12 people (or 4-6 couples) and take the conversation to a deeper level. Small groups meet in different areas of town and different nights of the week, weekly or every other week to discuss what it means to follow Jesus, grow together and share hope.