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Genesis . . . Musings on the Higgs-boson or Why the Big Bang Theory Is No Laughing Matter

As we begin a study on the book of Genesis it brings front and center a debate that has raged since the earliest of days of humankind.  Who created all of “this,” and if God did it, how, how long and why?  Pastor Ed succinctly laid out several viewpoints on the Genesis 1 account of creation and deftly pointed us to connection with a loving God.  My “back row” thoughts took me to a time a few years ago when I posted thoughts on the creation of the universe.  It just seems appropriate to drop them in here, this week, and for your consideration. 

The search continues in science, cosmology to be more specific, to discern the origin of the universe as we perceive it to be.  Atoms are smashed to observe smaller and more fundamental sub-atomic particles that physicists hope will explain how it all came together.  Somehow in this highly technical and academic pursuit, the question of God comes up from time to time.  The chance collision of bosons, leptons, or quarks is way above my “pay grade” so I have landed on a simpler, non-scientific, philosophical and down-to-earth perspective on the origin of the universe.

God created the universe purposely and purposefully.  The universe is not the chance collision of particles nor is the existence of living beings, especially we humans, the “lucky” combination of chemical molecules coming together in a primordial puddle.  Setting aside my faith in Christ for this discussion, my philosophical logic and legal experience alone lead me to this conclusion.  If we are the product of chance collisions then what results, no matter the length of time since inception, dictates a value system that has no basis in truth or righteous justice.  The resulting system is totally arbitrary.  No human value, no law, no code of behavior, is better or “more” right than another because who we are is merely by happenstance.  If a particular human value is enumerated, it is because societal forces have dictated it should be so and when those societal forces shift a new human value is enshrined.  Those who oppose the change can only protest based on their preference for what existed not on any absolute standard of truth or universal right or wrong because there is none.  What was legislated as child abuse last year can easily, with a change in the law, become the freedom of one “consenting” adult engaging a child in an act many would have deemed reprehensible, but that was last year. There is no crying “it’s unfair” in this universe. 

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth . . . and He said it was good.  God’s purposely and purposefully creation of the universe lays the foundation of what is truth, what is right and what is just.  Take away this fundamental point and we are left with the amoral abyss of chaos.  Defining who is God and what He says is for another post, but for today, I choose God for the other alternative is absolutely unacceptable to me.  I choose to love because God is love and it is right to do.  I choose to not murder because God is not hate and it is wrong.  Who created the heavens and the earth matters greatly.  Come and see.