Pursuit – Of Happiness and Beyond

The second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence indicates the pursuit of happiness is an unalienable right endowed by our creator.  This can mean many things but I think this means as humans, we are creatures continually seeking after something – in constant pursuit.  For many people happiness, however it is viewed, is the prize.  Even those with little or no ambition, it still is the pursuit of not being bothered, left alone and to live as one pleases.  Thus, everyone is pursuing something.  What are you pursuing?  


            Pastor Lance Ainsworth’s excellent message painted a compelling picture of what Christ-followers pursue this past weekend at GateWay.  He emphatically declared the only One worth pursuing is Jesus Christ.  And it is still the same old story; since the beginning we pursue everything but Jesus Christ.  For some American church-goers it’s the pursuit of self-satisfaction protected with the Jesus fire insurance policy.  This is far from running the race as spoken of in Hebrews 12 and described by Lance.   What are you pursuing?  


            Speaking of running the race, the race we Christ-followers run is a marathon, not a sprint.  It is a journey of faith, failure, relationship and renewal.  We train, we rest, we run, and we join a relay team carrying the baton handed to a group of untrained, uneducated, journeymen and women over two thousand years ago.  We run in the pursuit of holiness by seeking to love God and love people. So what does this look like in our day? We can provide direction at GateWay Church.  Come and see. One thing to consider is this. Jesus stated greater love has no man that he lay his life down for his friend.  Who are you laying your life down for?  When you figure out who, or perhaps it’s what, you’re laying your life down for, you will see what it is in life you are pursuing.




Mike LorahComment