Pour – Living Through A Drought

We experienced an unusually wet Spring season in California.  The rainfall and snow pack totals were impressive.  Yet we know California’s normal weather pattern is marked by frequent periods of drought.  Typically these periods extend for years at a time.  The one we just had lasted for five years.  The reality, economics and politics of water will determine if we will have enough available to pour into our cups and quench our thirst.  


            Pastor Nick Zavala began a new summer series this past weekend with an apropos follow up to Generous Living.  By personal story and by Scripture passage Pastor Nick challenges us to pour into someone who needs you.  It is clear to me we live in a culture that thirsts for Living Water but lives in spiritual drought.  Jesus poured out His life that we may have life.  As Christ-followers one way we honor Jesus (and model Generous Living) is by living out what He has done for us.  In living out “Christ In Us” we demonstrate and channel Living Water to a parched land.


            Two questions confront us.  First, will we pour into others?  Pouring into others is the Christ-like thing to do.  Yes or No?  The issue here is not if there are those who need pouring into, it is which do I select? Christ stated the harvest is plenty, the workers are few.  We have many ideas and opportunities at GateWay if you need input.  Second, are you in a time of spiritual drought?  


            It is very difficult or impossible to genuinely pour into someone when your spiritual reservoir is low or empty.  This is not merely questions of energy, ability, willingness or timing.  The issue is what is the source filling the reservoir. Some people pour out of their own personal energy, charisma, or effort.  Some people actively and liberally pour into others but do so as a means of filling their own tanks.  Some work out of obligation or guilt.  Although outwardly, in these scenarios, there can be great benefit, the reservoir gets depleted and emptiness sets in.  I find too many “Church Goers” fall into one of three scenarios or say no to pouring into others.  Christ-followers are different.


            Christ-followers are different because of Jesus Christ. We can pour out because He is the vine and we are the branches.  Our source is the Vine and as long as we are connected His living water flows through us. Cut off or in spiritual drought what pours out is a trickle.  Psalms 1 paints a picture of what staying in connection looks like – a tree, firmly planted, by a stream of continually running water, yielding fruit in its season, whose leaves do not wither and lives fully.  We can only truly pour into others from our overflow of God’s grace and mercy poured into us.  


            The challenge, therefore, is to be in a constant spiritual wet season.  Are you living in spiritual drought and thirst for a different season?  Ask sincerely and He will answer.  Need help asking?  We can’t do the asking for you but we sure can give you hints on how. We are ready at GateWay to come along side you with buckets to catch God’s living water.  




Mike LorahComment