Just Like Jesus – Child of God

  Our society is obsessed with who is the greatest or spinning the notion of somehow we can be the greatest or at least purchase something that will make us feel that way.  Jesus settled this issue a long time ago and in his weekend message, Pastor Ed, laid out a plan on how we can be the greatest.  I hear whispered in my mind “the least of these.”  How we relate to those in our society that are relegated to the “least of these” designations is a good indicator of our level of greatness. In his second point Ed stated: “Be KIND” referencing Mark 9:37:  “Whoever receives one child like this in My name receives Me.”  Years ago I heard the saying, “When you touch the heart of a child you touch the heart of God.”  Despite how our world esteems children it is unmistakably clear Jesus loves children.       


            Allow me to relate to you two stories from this past weekend where a child or children were central.  First involves baptism.  A friend of mine’s daughter was baptized Sunday.  This was wonderful.  I am so happy she and her husband come to GateWay.  An amazing aspect was years ago she had told me she was not interested in “spiritual stuff” and here she was, in the baptismal pool, baptizing her daughter with Jen, our tremendous Children’s Director.  I mentioned this to her and she said having her daughter made such a big difference.  I smiled and said, “It sure does.”  What also went through my mind was how the daughter’s involvement with our Children’s Program led to this moment in eternal time.  Touching the heart of child can lead to the touching of a parent’s heart.

            The second story centers on a family visiting GateWay for the first time this past Sunday.  I was on the lookout for a man who was scheduled for baptism in a few minutes when I met this family of six walking into our Gathering Space.  I stopped and said hi and welcome.   I asked if this was their first time here and it was.  The mom asked where they would check-in the four children as the dad smiled warmly at me. As we walked toward Children’s Check-In I asked how they heard about us.  She said they live across the street with their children attend Conyer School and she continued to say, “This Church does so many nice things for our kids at Conyer School so we just had to come here.”  I immediately said, “We love Conyer School and the kids.”  I was very encouraged and happy to see one result of loving on Conyer.  Again, when we love children as this is the heart of Jesus, we have the opportunity to love on their parents.

            As we journey though our individual life and as we at GateWay seek ways to impact our community, expressing kindness by receiving children makes a big difference.  If we desire to be a great church for Jesus in this community then we will work in humility, be kind, walk in honesty, serve altruistically and live obediently.  If we are all about Jesus, and at GateWay we are, then touching the heart of child touches the heart of God.


Mike LorahComment