The Unholy Exchange

We humans have become very adept at trading the truth for a lie.  Pastor Nick in his excellent presentation this weekend on the “Best Policy:  Honesty” challenges us to stop this unholy exchange.  We are encouraged to see truthfulness as a process of wholeness and not simply what we say.  From the essence of which we are to living daily in connection with God and others and ultimately where we will end up, we must embrace the truth; to not do so results in bondage. Nick correctly points out in Ephesians that we are dead in our trespasses . . . but God being rich in mercy . . . made us alive together with Christ . . . and raised us up with Him . . . For by grace we have been saved.


One area of current culture caught my attention this past week.  Statistically we are more “connected” then ever.  Millions if not billions are plugged into social media, networks and smart phone enabled virtual relationships.  These technological advancementsboast how much closer we are as humans.  I submit this is just another lie of the enemy as we have become the loneliest cultureever.  We have exchanged a living, face to face life with one on a screen.  This life “disconnect” increases as age and generation gets younger (young children excepted).  Walk on a university or high school campus during non-classroom hours and observe the large percentage of students with their eyes focused on their phones. Lest you think this is simply the folly of the young, I am confronted with my screen that I spend hours a day watching – my high definition TV.  


Certainly there are good things with our technology but better relationships are not one of them.  In the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve’s disobedience they hid themselves.  God called out for his loved ones.  I take particular note that God wanted to be “face to face” with Adam.  I see this as the way that relationships are meant to be lived not hiding in a virtual world or isolated in front of a flat screen TV.  We are created for relationships; with God and others.  It is a lie to believe we can live apart from real relationships.  Satan would have us live apart from God hiding behind our screens.


As 2019 begins we begin a new season of small groups at GateWay.  Nick asked and prayed about living in honesty in 2019.  Let us live honestly.  Connect Small Groups are great places to have real, face to face, honest relationships centered on Jesus Christ.   Sign up for one today.


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