Survivor Series: The Will of God

Knowing the will of God is a question Christ-followers and many skeptics have asked for centuries.  In college and while in Law School this thought plagued many of my friends.  Some were consumed with the big stuff — who should I marry, what profession should I pursue, where shall I live, should I serve on the mission field for a season, were a few of the questions.   Some were mired in the minutiae — what should I eat today, which way should I go to my appointment, who should I see today and what should I say, were a few of their perplexing thoughts.  The vast majority just continued on the way of life and only asked when confronted by a roadblock or a setback in our individual pursuit of happiness.  As I look around, not much has changed.  People still ask and people still are plagued with knowing.  This weekend’s installment in the Survivor Series hits this question head on.  Pastor Ed once again using Proverbs in his case study deftly approaches the will of God.

I think we Christ-followers have over complicated knowing and doing the will of God.  As heretical as this may sound, I feel God is not concerned about what we do.  I think it is okay with God if I chose to be a lawyer or pastor or chose to be a National Park Ranger and likewise He would have been fine with me living in Los Angeles or Visalia.  I believe He is much more concerned about who I am; who we are.  It is a character thing.  The will of God is all about my character and relationship to Him.  His will for me is I am one with Him and walk in a manner worthy of His high calling.  So whether I am a shopkeeper, pharmacist, teacher, professional baseball player, pastor or a lawyer, husband or parent, His will for me is doing whatever it is I am doing to the best of my ability and for His glory. 

So wherever you find yourself and are wondering about God’s will for your life, I suggest you start with the simple question of am I doing my best and for His glory.  I think many of us just wonder and that is where it stops.  A wise mentor told me years ago the importance of simply getting into motion.  This is analogous to the physics principle that an object at rest will remain at rest.  It requires more energy to initiate motion than to alter the direction of that same object already in motion.  He said get started; God would guide me and would let me know if a course correction was needed.  Pastor Ed said the same thing in his sermon.  Ed also laid out a process and it is worth reviewing on the GateWay website.  So, make a plan and get moving.


Bill YoshimotoComment