This Is Us: Eye Witness News

Growing up in East Los Angeles shaped my thinking and perspective of culture and the human condition. Each of us has been influenced and conditioned by where we were raised.  There are many forces that impact us.  Just as when I was a youth, we are influenced by the evening news or in this day and age, social media outlets.  Fifty years ago, Channel 7, Eye Witness News, in LA reported three times a day on TV the happenings of the day. This has not changed.  The title, Eye Witness News, is still being used today.  In fact this is a popular title for news departments across the nation in markets big and small.  Like it or not, we are influenced by what is presented as eye witness news accounts of events, activities, calamities, tragedies, or accomplishments in our communities.  Like it or not, eye witness accounts are compelling.


Before I came on staff (retired now) at GateWay as Pastor of Discipleship, I served the community in the District Attorney’s Office.  As I presented cases in court to juries, I sought to be the best attorney I could be but always in my mind was, “it’s not about me.”  Whether a defendant was guilty or not, depended on the evidence. Eye witness testimony was a powerful and major part of the evidence to sustain a conviction.  It would be a gross injustice if I gained a conviction because I was the most eloquent lawyer in court that day.  Defendants were guilty because of the facts.  And for the most part, juries were very good in demanding evidence.  As humans in making decisions, we want evidence.


The greatest decision we can make as humans is about God – Jesus Christ.  There are many important and vital decisions but ultimately the success or failure of our choices will be determined by what we decide about God. In our current era, termed Post-Modern, TRUTH, has become truth.  Many people, stereotypically, Millennials, no longer ask about TRUTH as there are many “truths” and it just depends upon the individual.  What is being asked is, “Is it real.”   As Christ-followers rather than bemoaning the sliding scale  version of truth practiced today we should seek how best to answer the question, “Is it real?” Is Jesus Christ real in my life?  When this seminal question is answered satisfactorily, then we can talk about TRUTH.


Jesus states in John 13:34-35:  “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.  By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”  As Pastor Ed so clearly presented we are witnesses.  We are witnesses to the love of Jesus Christ and how this grace filled relationship has transformed our lives.  We are witnesses by living in integrity through the hard stuff and choosing to do right even when no one is watching.  We act with compassion and service gently making no excuse for our motivation in Jesus Christ.  We are witnesses in word and deed.  Because we live in a culture that wants to know what is real God has called on us to bring into homes, work places, schools, and in our relationships the Eye Witness Good News.  



Mike LorahComment