Genesis...“Babbling in the Dark”

The Tower of Babel is an incredible multi-layered account of how the peoples of the earth came to inhabit the whole world and how the diversity of language arose.  As a youngster I recall watching an old Hollywood movie of Nimrod shooting an arrow into the sky declaring human supremacy then literally seeing the sky fall down and the Tower of Babel around him.  The aftermath depicted people screaming at one another in a multitude of languages beneath a blackened sky.  The inability to connect through language must have been a terrifying and dark episode but as Pastor Ed explained, the darkness was in opposing God.  Interestingly, the name, Nimrod, comes from a Hebrew word meaning rebel and encapsulates what we as humankind have done throughout the ages.


We now find ourselves at the beginning years of the 21st Century.  Communication, electronic connection, information, entertainment, and a host of services are literally at one’s finger tips and soon to be on your lips.  Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant will soon control everything you can imagine at the command of your voice.  I asked Siri if we are better off than we were 100 years ago.  Siri pulled up a number of articles on various topics and a variety of time frames, such as 6 years ago or 50 years ago.  Quickly skimming over the articles I observed that determining if we are better off than timespast is dependent on context, for example, food safety.  From a regulatory perspective, at least in the United States, standards and practices are at an all time high, yet just recently Chipotle suffered another incident of food borne illnesses.  Admittedly, the sampling of articles was very small but I didn’t see any that said we are better human beings than we were 100 years ago.  I suspect, as a human race, we are no better, generically speaking, than we were when Nimrod “shot his arrow into the sky.”  Perhaps we no longer sacrifice humans to satiate our godsas some cultures did upon their ziggurats but genocide is no stranger to our modern times.  Although this is not “politically correct” to say, we practice genocide in the United States through the killing of thousands of unborn children annually.  Even though God created us to be equal we still see, hear, and feel the divide between races and cultures.  On the micro scale we are dysfunctional families with struggling relationships.  The opposition to God continues.  We are still babbling in the dark.


But take heart, all is not lost.  God still loves and still acts.  Amazingly, God throughout the ages has been calling us back and calling us upward.  Stick around for the story of Abraham as our Genesis series continues.  Ultimately, God the Father sent God the Son, Jesus, to once and for all restore the relationship.  He has used countless “messengers” empowered by God the Holy Spirit to proclaim good news and light in a darkened world.  He still sends His messengers.  He still maintains lighthouses, hospitals and places to be fed also known as His churches.  He still sends messengers into the darkened world and in fact anyone who calls on the name of Jesus is a messenger of light.  The crucial question is will we serve as messengers?  Will we maintain His house of healing, feeding and knowledge?  Will we continue to be His GateWay in a darkened world?  I vote YES.


Bill YoshimotoComment