Manchester, My Heart Aches For Thee – An extra post this week

Once again, man’s inhumanity rears its ugly head; this time in Manchester, England.  My thoughts and prayers are lifted up for the killed, injured, parents and family, the community and the nation of Great Britain.  My most recent post spoke of atheists born of envisioning a God who cares not for the personal suffering of innocent people and allows such cruelty to have its torturous way.  This bombing only reinforces the BOP Atheist.  I felt compelled to post again because of the impact of the bombing but no words can comfort the agony of loss and the horror of going through such calamity.  Words right now are inadequate to explain even if an explanation were available.  I cry out, “God have mercy, please help.”   I post because I must tell myself to “be present.”  Be present in the presence of God that my feelings, insecurity, anger, hurt and fears can be met.  Be present in the presence of those I love whose hearts are troubled – present so I will share the embrace of relationship and if necessary use words.  Be present in the presence of strangers and acquaintances to hear their cries.  Be present in the presence of my community praying for God’s merciful intervention and justice prevailing.  Be present in the presence of humanity giving assistance in all manners to alleviate the roots of this sinister hatred.  Be present in the presence of the living, merciful and just God.  Will you join too?


Bill Yoshimoto