Thinking of Mom

Jesus said to the disciple He loved, “behold your mother.”  Even on the cross, Jesus did not forget his earthly mother.  Pastor Ed poignantly shared photos of his mother this weekend.  In reflection of mothers everywhere, I dusted off a blog post from a few years ago as I don’t feel I could have said it better in a succinct format about my own mom.  Re-posted below from 2013.

Did you know there is a list of the top 100 songs about mothers?  When you read the lyrics of the songs, it is a very revealing look at the relationships of songwriters and their moms.  Also eye opening was an experiment conducted at a state prison a few years ago.  A large rack of Mother’s Day cards was set up.  Very quickly it was sold out.  Prison officials filled the rack several times and each time it was emptied.  Encouraged by such response, the same was done ahead of Father’s Day.  Hardly any cards were taken.  Whether imprisoned in a penal institution or in one’s own mind, we all have our stories about our mothers.   What is your Mom story?

John Lennon wrote in Mother, #20 on the list, released in 1970, “Mother, you had me; But I never had you; I wanted you; But you didn't want me; So I got to tell you Goodbye; Goodbye.” 

A Song For Mama, (#32) by Boyz II Men, goes, “You were there for me to love and care for me; When skies were grey whenever I was down you were always there to comfort me; And no one else can be what you have been to me; You will always be, you always will be, the girl in my life for all times.”  This is quite a contrast.  What is #1 you ask?  It is 2PAC’s Dear Momma, paying tribute to a mom who loved even in the face of great trial and tribulation, caused by both her own social environment and from her own son.  This is worth checking out. 

My Mom is a hero.  An atomic bomb survivor from Hiroshima, suffered through starvation and deprivation, she came to America with her G.I. (U.S. Soldier) husband, not speaking English, not a single friend, and not knowing how life would be.  While enduring much, she learned the language, became a citizen, loved and sacrificed without reservation, and admirably raised two children, and made a good life for her husband and family.  She is an artist and poet.  A devoted Christ-follower, filled with compassion and service.  And today, she continues this legacy by loving unconditionally, my grandson, her great grandson (now a great granddaughter also).  I am who I am today because of what God has done through her.  I have learned great compassion for others from her.  I have learned what it means to sacrifice for the sake of another from her.  I know how special family is because of her.  Yes, my Mom is a hero.  I am so blessed and forever grateful.

Good or bad, what is your Mom story?  I would love to hear from you.


Bill Yoshimoto