Foreshadow . . . "Mary Knew!"

Judy and I have a dear friend in Napa who is “irritated” each time she hears the song, Mary Did You Know?  Kelly screams out (hopefully internally), “YES SHE KNOWS!”  The Christmas story continued this weekend with Pastor Ed focusing on Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Throughout history, art, culture, and Christianity, much has been written, painted, spoken and revered regarding this young woman.  And, yes, I agree with my friend, Kelly, Mary knew.  And as Ed pointed out her initial doubt led to the truth that “nothing is impossible with God.” 

I have been intrigued a long time with the mechanics of how a conception took place and virgin birth happened.  Since my time handling DNA evidence I wondered what the genetic composition of Jesus was.  Did He have mixed DNA, which is the combination of human chromosomes and God chromosomes?  Or was it wholly God chromosomes from a divine placement of a completed egg much like in vitro fertilization and implantation?  Perhaps because this is a “God Thing” it is way beyond my comprehension.  What is undisputed amongst Christ-followers, is Mary, was the life that was used by the Almighty Creator of the Universe, to bring Jesus into this earthly realm.  

Ed asked us to consider how we could be like Mary.  He mentioned four ways to imitate what Mary went through as the Angel spoke to her: 1) Ponder; 2) Doubt; 3) Surrender; and 4) Connect.  I encourage us to think of one more. 

This morning at the gym as I did my routine time on the treadmill, I watch and listened to ESPN, the national news, and local news.  I was saddened to again hear of a terrorist-style attack on people in New York City as they traversed a transit station near Times Square.  My heart aches for those many people in Southern California who have lost “everything” in cataclysmic fires tearing through the land.  I experienced mental fatigue as once again another accusation of sexual harassment/misconduct hit the airwaves.  I was feeling the weight of knowing there is too much truth to the stories.  Just to let you know I am not totally lost I did despair that the Yankees traded for Giancarlo Stanton.  What all of this tells me is how desperately we need a Savior. 

Through Mary, Jesus entered this world.  He is the Savior!  As I see the world struggle around me I am challenged to be a “Mary.”  Who in my circle of contacts – Oikos List for us GateWay folks – will I be the one who brings or introduces Jesus into that life or lives?  How will I impact my neighborhood and community by bringing Jesus into discussions, community action, and good deeds?   What will I do in my church family to encourage, uplift, disciple and serve so that one brother or sister in doubt will see Jesus?   Mary knew – do you?


Alan AdlerComment