GateWay's Ministry for Adults 55+ | Thursdays 10:00am-11:30am

Venture is a great place to gather with friends (and meet new friends) to learn, enjoy fellowship, and grow together in the Lord.

To encourage and build up one another, opportunities are offered that minister to the whole person.  A great example of a person walking with God in the second half of his life, was Caleb (Num 14, Josh 14).  He was one of the twelve spies.  We use the acrostic:  S.P.I.E.S:
We work to provide opportunities in each of these areas.  Each quarter or series of classes will vary.
Guest Speaker: Paul Loeffler
Paul Loeffler’s voice is familiar to many. He is the “play-by-play” radio
voice of Fresno State sports, including football, basketball, and baseball.
He is also the host of the radio program, “Hometown Heroes,” where he
has interviewed hundreds of veterans from World War II, and more
recently from the Korean, and Viet Nam wars. He was also a major
influence in the founding of the “Central Valley Honor Flights,” which
takes local veterans to Washington, DC to visit the monuments there.

Catered Lunch
We are having boxed lunches from Corner Bakery.
Your choice of sandwiches, with chips, a cup of fruit, and a large cookie.
Cost: $12
Please sign up at Venture on Thursday mornings or at the church office by June 13.

New Classes--Learn about our new classes that will begin on Thursday, June 30th.